What is Metro Vancouver?
•Metro Vancouver is a partnership of 21 municipalities and one electoral area that make up the metropolitan area of Greater Vancouver, (One Fraser Valley municipality – Abbotsford – lies outside Metro Vancouver boundaries but participates in Metro Vancouver’s regional parks services.)

What is a regional park?
• It is part of a network of greenspaces, special landscapes and trails with important wildlife habitat and thousands of years of human history. Our regional parks are place set aside for the enjoyment and appreciationi of current and future generations.

How many are there? And where are they?
• There are 21 regional parks that protect diverse habitats and inspirational landscapes, ranging in size from six hectares of lakefront at Grant Narrows to more than 3,700 hectares of forested wilderness at Lynn Headwaters. For more, go to Metro Vancouver Parks.

What is the Regional Parks Partnership Program?
•The Regional Parks Partnership Program is the working relationship between Metro Vancouver Parks, individual park associations and the Regional Parks Forum.

What is a park association?
• A park associations bring groups and individuals who volunteer in the park together under one umbrella, to work with Metro Vancouver Parks staff to make regional parks better for everyone. They might help organize special events, assist in education and interpretation programs, initiate restoration projects and provide input.

What kinds of projects are done by volunteers in regional parks?
• Volunteers work on a variety of projects. They might lead interpretive hikes for the public, remove invasive plant species, help restore habitat or build trails, operate equestrian facilities, cultivate community gardens, raise money for park facilities or participate in park management planning.